How to Bet on Hollywood Events and Scandals

Sure, Britney Spears and the whole lot of rotten celebrities we have today may not be your cup of tea. But who says you can't have fun with them? You sure can! You can even make money out of their screwed-up lives! How? With prop betting.

Prop betting is short for proposition betting. A prop is another term for an exotic bet. Exotic bets are basically bets that aren't about who wins or losses a match or contest. Exotic bets are about the, well, "exotic" elements of whatever you're betting on. For example, "How many times are Mulder and Scully going to use their flashlights in the next X-Files episode?" or "Who's going to win the jump-ball?" (basketball).

With celebrity scandals and other headline makers, there's no limit to the exotic bets you can make. If you go to an online sportsbook with an entertainment section, you may see prop bets like, "Paris Hilton going to jail 2 more times in 3 years," "Newest Harry Potter film grossing over so-so godzillion in 3 days" and so on.

Where do you place your celebrity prop bets and how?

You need to sign up with a reputable online sportsbook like BetUS or some other that offers entertainment or celebrity Sports Betting. Registration is easy. You will need to provide basic personal info and deposit money via credit card or money order. Once you've created an account, you can make your bets on any sport or topic.

How do you make a prop bet on celebrities?

First, go to the entertainment section or your online sportsbook. You will see entries like American Idol, Survivor and various celebrity props. Let's say we want to bet on Britney Spears. We see "Britney Spears Props" and click on it. We see a couple of prop bets like, "Britney regaining custody of her children" or "Britney getting married 3 times before her 30th birthday." Let's have a look at the second.

Britney Spears was born in 1981. She will be thirty years old in 2011. That gives four years for one more marriage (she has been married twice already). It seems it won't be hard for the pop icon to say, "Hitch me baby one more time" within that period. Are we correct? What are the odds?

The prop bet odds may look something like:

"Britney getting married a third time before she is 30�.. -120"

The negative sign basically means this is a "favorite" bet; most punters would bet on this since it's likely to happen. The - 120 means that you must bet $120 in order to win $100 (aside from getting back your original wager). Why so low a return? Because you're betting on what's likely to happen - little risk is involved.

Suppose there are variants of this prop bet, like "Britney getting married 4 times before she's 30."

Do you think she will marry twice in four years?

The odds for this is +500. The plus means this is an "underdog" bet. Few people want to bet on this because they think it won't happen. The +500 means if you bet $100 on this prop, you stand to win $500 if it does happen. You'll be half a grand wealthier if Britney gets hitched twice until 2011.

It's that simple. You don't have to be a sports fan to enjoy sports / prop betting. You can do with entertainment news. Now those tabloids don't look so useless anymore, do they?