The Most Favorite Gambling Movies

Gambling is astonishingly popular not just today but even in years gone by. Because of its immense popularity, this game of chance is adopted not just by the casinos but even on the silver screens. And here, the best gambling movies are given in a rundown.

Let us start from one of the oldest that dates back to 1965. This film entitled "Cincinnati Kid" was a popular movie back then. It stars Edward Robinson and features gambling with the use of playing cards.

Advancing to 1974, there are two favorite movies about gambling during that time. First is "California Split" which stars the great tandems of Robert Altman, Gould and Segal. Another movie, most probably the most favorite gambling movie, is "The Gambler". This favorite flick was the brainchild of James Caan.

In 1986, the movie "Let it Ride" also appeared on screens and became known for featuring an obsessive manner of gambling portrayed by Richard Dreyfuss. This movie is also championed by many as the best movie Dreyfuss ever did. Another movie about gambling arose the year after. The movie "House of Games" like other gambling movies also featured the game of poker. The story of this movie revolves around the lives of swindlers and the game of gambling and its effects on this group.

In the 1990s, the emergence of gambling movies never failed to cease because these movies were also doing great on the screens. "Casino", which was released in 1995, is a story about the Vegas casinos and felonies that arise in these places. Another more popular movie that appeared in the succeeding years was "Croupier" starring movie idol Clive Owen who became the talk of the town. The story about Clive Owen who was a croupier (server in a casino) transforms from a simple spectator to a hard-playing gambler. The addition of Alex Kingston to the cast added more thrill and excitement to the movie.

Surely, in the 21st century, gambling movies are just as popular and attracting more movie-goers. Examples are the 2002 movie "Big Shot: Confessions of a Sports Junkie" which films the life of a mysterious gambler who, as the title suggests, confesses his life as a gambler. And in 2003, the movie "Owing Mahoney" is also considered one of the best gambling movies ever made because of the outstanding portrayal of Philip Hoffman in this true to life flick about a gambler who becomes desperate with regards to his gambling vice.

Surely, these gambling movies are a blessing to the gambling industry. It not only promotes the art of gambling but it also gives the people entertainment and positive outlook toward these games of chance.